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About Tin Ceiling Gift Shoppe

Located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the building we’re in today was built in 1895; it’s a contributing building to the Historic District. The exterior design includes art deco architecture and the glass windows on the second floor contain curved glass side windows. The ornate ceiling on the first floor is actually made of copper. This was not discovered until October 2011 when the white ceiling was painted a metallic copper. Steve Cavallaro was contracted for the paint project and removed the old paint to determine the type of metal used for the ceiling.

Mark and Nancy Graham purchased the building in 1994 for a movie rental business. They began selling gifts in a corner of the movie store in October of 1999. The store discontinued the movie rentals in October of 2008 and converted the 2,500 square foot space to a gift shop. Tin Ceiling Gift Shoppe has been a source of friendship, fun and gifts for all of our customers ever since our establishment.

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